Meet The Makers - Carlisle Tattoo Co

Meet Bella & Hal Hunter, the duo behind Carlisle Tattoo Co in Melbourne, Australia.

Hal: "We started Carlilse tattoo Co in 2019 with our business partner Bobby Skins. All of us specialise in American traditional style tattooing.”

Bella: "Everyone has their own variations of the same classic designs, and different ways to spin it up.”

Hal: We’ve always thought that choosing to get a tattoo doesn’t have to have any meaning or association other than the fact that you just like what it looks like, and you want to have it on your body. They like the classic designs.

Hal: "Bella was actually the one that pushed me to get more into tattooing during high school, and was super supportive through my apprenticeship and then my tattoo career thus far. It’s intense, it’s never ending, but I think that’s the beauty of it. It works for us, and works for everybody else in the shop.”

Bella: "We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

You can check out more from Carlisle Tattoo Co on their Instagram.


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